The Applied Research Center in Accounting and Analytics (ARC-A&A) from FGV joined with the coordination of the Professional Masters in Public Administration from FGV EBAPE and the coordination of the MSc & PhD in Administration from FGV EBAPE, in partnership with the Rutgers Accounting Research Center and the Laboratory of Continuous Auditing and Reporting (Carlab) from Rutgers University, will hold the V Public Sector Accounting & Data Analytics Colloquium on December 9th and 10th.

This is the fifth colloquium co-organized by FGV and Rutgers University. Previous editions of the Public Sector Accounting & Data Analytics Colloquium were in June 2019, June 2018, May 2017 and May 2016, held at FGV EBAPE.

The purpose of the colloquium is to analyze the growing demand for transparency and accountability in the management of public resources, which gives government auditors the responsibility to provide assurances about the performance of programs and the financial position of government entities that must have their resources properly allocated.

In this edition of the colloquium, due to the pandemic of COVID-19 we made some changes: delayed the event to December; moved it on-line (however, in an optimistic scenario, the we might have a hybrid colloquium – on-line and in person); to mitigate attendees exhaustion, we split the event in two days (of 4,5 hours each), keeping 9 hours colloquium in total. Hence, we will have eleven lectures, on a total of 500 minutes. Among them, seven lectures will be presented by researchers from FGV and Rutgers University about the use of data analytics for the big data analysis in the context of public accounting, government control and public finance, or that propose the use of data analytics for the public good. And four lectures on practical experiences on the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence on the Brazilian public management and governmental auditing; such lectures will be presented by representatives from


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